Russian-born, Vietnam-based

Milana Prikhodko

I am an artist, nomad, and magician. I have two main areas of creativity, which I interact with in completely diverse ways. The first one - abstract art - on the contrary, inspires my life) I can't say that I often draw images from the world around me - I often just paint what I want and then reflect on what I've made. There is no purpose or meaning in my abstract art - just a liberating practice that gives me a chance to play and gives me strength. My other works - more sparse - are often inspired by my magical practice. Lucid dreams and meditations, quotes from Aleister Crowley and the Nag Hammadi library - perhaps it is mysticism that becomes my source of beautiful and symbolic images.

Presence [2022]
Day 13 [2022]
Day 85. [2022]
Day 14 [2022]
Day 91 [2022]
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