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Yana Tarakanova is a young Russian artist. Born in 1995 in Zelenograd. Currently lives in Bratislava in Slovakia
Yana Tarakanova from Russia
Creative activism has always played a big role in my life. I was originally introduced to art activism through participation in online open calls and offline exhibitions of the «Worst Artists» Association. At one of these exhibitions, I have met my husband, artist Vladislav Novoshinsky in 2020, as well as a large number of other talented artists, Dmitry Shnurov, Veronika Polonskaya, Vadim Sobolev.

I have always admired the dedication of the members of this community and the desire to continue even after the door to one of the exhibitions was sealed by the police. A report about this was presented on Radio Freedom.
Later, I got to know other protest organizations, such as the Feminist Anti-War Resistance. In the fall of 2022, the FAS announced antiwartober, every day I took part in creative tasks, and after that, on Radio Freedom, I took part in a discussion of the project along with other participants in the flashmob. In January 2023, an exhibition of works by participants in this project was held in Berlin.

In February 2023 in Paris, I took part in an exhibition dedicated to the women victims of the Putin regime. The exhibition was attended by the mother of Alexandra Skochilenko, who is now facing a prison term of up to 10 years. My work presented at the exhibition was a portrait of Irina Tsybaneva. Irina laid an inscription on the grave of Putin's parents, for which she was subsequently taken into custody and was sentenced by the court to two years of probation.

At the moment I am working on the creation of a large NFT charity project of the World of Fragment agency together with the Podari Zhizn Charitable Foundation.

Since February 2023, I have been an illustrator for the Insider news agency on their twitter and Instagram pages
2020 - "Matches" - "Nikolsky Passage" - Moscow, Russia

2021 - "Matches" - "Art-space NAZAVOD" - Moscow, Russia

2021 - "Station Pizdets" - "Garkundel Art Center" - St. Petersburg, Russia

2022 - "9 dream of Vasily Semenovich" - "Center for Contemporary Art" - Veliky Novgorod, Russia

2023 - "Our time is gone" - Panoctopus Gallery - Bratislava, Slovakia
2020 - "Krukrynoksy" - "Here on Taganka" - Moscow, Russia

2020 - "The Worst Summer" - Kristall Factory, Worst Artists Association Exhibition - Moscow, Russia

2020 - "Negative GDP Growth", Worst Artists Association Exhibition, - Moscow, Russia

2020 - "Melancholia" - The building of the Catherine's meeting, St. Petersburg, Russia

2021 - "Lowkey" - "Dordor Gallery" - New York, USA

2021 - "Chess in Art" - "Russian Pavilion EXPO 2020 in Dubai" - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

2021 - "Roman Holiday" - "Santa Chiara Murano" - Milan, Italy

2022 - Charity "Art Festival KHOROVOD" - open-air vernissage in support of Ukraine - Bratislava, Slovakia

2022 - Berlin Affordable Market, BAAM MOOS Space, 1000 works from 100€ to 2000€ took part in the exhibition, Berlin, Germany

2023 - "Exhibition of works by participants in the antiwartober of the Femirist anti-war resistance", Berlin, Germany

2023 - "Exhibition dedicated to the women victims of the Putin regime", Paris, France

2023 - "Annual Women's Exhibition" - Pig's snout gallery, St. Petersburg, Russia
Many of her works are now in private collections around the world, including Holland, USA, Switzerland, Latvia, Slovakia, UK and Russia.
Some of her NFTs are also collected by world famous collectors such as Vincent Van dough.

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